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Nigerian Award is one of the two Divisions of the Federal Scholarship Board. It processes and implements scholarship awards for postgraduates, undergraduates, Higher National Diploma and National Certificate in Education Certificates. There is also a monitoring branch under Nigerian Award.

Overseas Awards: The overseas Awards division of The Federal Scholarship Board processes and implements scholarship Awards received from and granted to countries with which Nigeria has bilateral educational agreements. These include countries of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The CommonweaIth Award of the Overseas Award Division processes Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Awards made to Nigeria and Reciprocal Awards by Nigeria for postgraduate studies tenable in universities in Commonwealth countries.



Under Nigerian Award, the following programmes are covered by the Federal Scholarship Scheme tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. Postgraduate (PG) Award Undergraduate (UG) Award Post Higher National Diploma (PHND) Award Higher National Diploma (HND) Award National Certificate in Education (NCE) Award.



Science and Technology.

Medicine and Para-medicals.

Science Subjects with Education.

Arts and other Subjects with Education.

Liberal Arts/SociaI/Management Sciences.


HND (Science and Technology).



The scholarship is tenable in Nigeria and takes effect from the beginning of each academic session. It lapses if not utilized within this period.

It shall not be held at the same time with another Award nor for part-time studies.

Change of course or level of award is not allowed.

Scholarship award entitles an awardee the payment of: Institution's charges and fees.

Personal maintenance allowance.


Under-graduate Scholars = N 150,000 per annum

HND = N 100,000 per annum

NCE = N 100,000 per annum

Post-graduate Scholars =N 180,000 per annum

Post HND =N 180,000 per annum



  1. Any candidate awarded "SCHOLARSHIP" by the Federal Government of Nigeria which is tenable in Nigeria is required to comply with the following rules:-
  2. To devote his/her time on full time basis to the course of instruction for which the scholarship is awarded.
  3. Not to engage in any occupation or activity which is considered detrimental to his/her progress in the course of studies.
  4. To conduct himself/herself as an honest and diligent student and to the best of his/her power and ability to serve, obey and perform such instructions and directions as shall be given from time to time.
  5. Dishonesty, fraud, malpractices and/or any other form of misconduct will attract termination of the award.
  6. To sit for and pass any prescribed examination or approved group of examinations within the time fixed by the authority of the institution at which he/she is attending or by the awarding authority unless he/she is prevented from so doing by sickness proved by a certificate from a medical practitioner recognised and acceptable to the Federal90vernment of Nigeria or the institution.
  7. Change of institution/course of study will not be allowed.
  8. The scholarship may be suspended or terminated if he/she absents himself/herself from studies for more than six months owing to ill health.
  9. Scholars are not allowed to enjoy any other Government or Corporate organisations' Scholarship concurrently with the Federal Government Scholarship.
  10. The award is not transferable. To reside in approved hostel or lodgings as may be appropriate.
  11. The scholarship may be suspended or terminated if the person awarded a scholarship fails to comply with any of the foregoing rules.
  12. Any error or mistake made by the board or discovered by the Board particularly as a result of misinformation or misdirection on the part of the scholar or misinterpretation on the part of the board shall be resolved in favour of the board.
  13. The discretion of the board in such issues shall take precedence over the scholar's interest.
  14. All the conditions specified in the "Offer of Award Letter" shall form part of the rules contained in this document.
  15. All Federal Government Scholars will be required declaration in the presence of a Commissioner For Oaths.


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