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Federal Government Scholarship Schemes are policy measures and programmes designed to augment formal education for National, Economic and Scientific development of the country.

The Federal Government in its efforts to improve education in the country and the welfare of Nigerian Students in tertiary institutions nationwide has put in place a revitalised scholarship scheme The revitalised award scheme is for both postgraduate and undergraduate students already in Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education, pursuing second year courses and HND I and above in these institutions.

Through the improved and enlarged scheme, the suffering of Nigerian students will be ameliorated while students' anti-social behaviour and unrest wiII be reduced. Greater access to higher education by qualified students will be a sure way forward towards national development, technological advancement and rapid industrialisation and socio-economic development.


The general aim of Federal Government Scholarship Award Scheme is to assist Nigerian Students in tertiary institutions to pursue their studies to a successful end without much stress or suffering, encourage and reward excellence.

Against this background, the main objectives of the scheme include.

  • To reward, promote and encourage academic achievement and excellence.
  • To develop human resources for higher-level manpower requirement of the Nation.
  • To bring higher education to the reach of many more qualified citizens who could not have been able to afford the acquisition such education.
  • To enhance access to higher education for people in difficult circumstances such as the physically handicapped.
  • To promote attainment of educating and national goals
  • To reduce drop out rate due to financial constraints
  • To provide a peaceful, friendly and conducive atmosphere for learning
  • To assist the scholars obtain decent accommodation.


The Federal Scholarship Board is presently a unit of the Federal Ministry of Education headed by a Director. It has no governing board as the nomenclature suggests. In addition to the head office in Abuja, the board operates six (6) Zonal offices at Minna, Bauchi, Port Harcourt, Akure, Enugu and Gusau. Administratively, the Board is divided into two divisions:-

Nigerian Award (NA) for awards tenable in Nigerian tertiary institutions and Overseas Award (OA) for studies in foreign universities mainly under the BEA programme and Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Awards.

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The Federal Government Scholarship Policy aims to make higher education more accessible to qualified Nigerian students and assist indigent but bright students to gain access to higher education. Greater accessibility to higher education will lead to development of high-level manpower in relevant fields of specialisation for economic, scientific and technological development of the nation. Therefore, the Federal Government has instituted a massive scholarship award programme for postgraduate and undergraduate students in all federal and state Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education.


Nigerian Award: This one of the two Divisions of the Federal Scholarship Board. It processes and implements scholarship awards for postgraduates, undergraduates, Higher National Diploma and National Certificate in Education Certificates.

There is also a monitoring branch under Nigerian Award.

Overseas Awards: The overseas Awards division of The Federal Scholarship Board processes and implements scholarship Awards received from and granted to countries with which Nigeria has bilateral educational agreements. These include countries of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

CommonweaIth Award: The CommonweaIth Award of the Overseas Award Division processes Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Awards made to Nigeria and Reciprocal Awards by Nigeria for postgraduate studies tenable in universities in Commonwealth countries.

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